Our Safety Poli­cies

We here at Lumper HQ pride ourselves on a Steller safety record, with no major injuries in years of business. We have accomplished this with a 3 prong attack:

  1. Safety Training
  2. Hiring Process 
  3. Employee Suggestions

Safety Training

We train our workers in:

WHIMIS: During hiring we teach then test our employees in WHIMIS. Then on a yearly bases we require our employees to retake the education course offered for free by Lumper HQ to current employees.  (Link)

Lifting: During the hiring process we give training on proper lifting techniques. (Link)

First Aid: We offer our employees to take the First Aid Course Free of charge.

Hiring Process

During the hiring process we not only look for workers with prior experience, but we also look for people that consider safety a number 1 priority. We do not hire people that are lax on safety. 

Also our hiring process includes Safety Training. 

Employee Suggestions

Lastly our employees are told to report any safety hazards to management, so it can be taken care of immediately. 

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