What is warehouse staffing?

Warehouse staffing involves the fulfillment of roles required to run/operate a warehouse. Some of these roles include:

  • laborers
  • management
  • supervisors
  • machine operators
  • lumpers (LumperHQ.com)
  • cleaners
  • shunt truck drivers
  • office staff
  • and more…

Where to find warehouse staffing

Many warehouses use temp agencies to fulfill positions. Though this approach has been used for years, it is not the most efficient and cost effective way. Many companies are switching to a flat rate model instead of the hourly method. For example if a warehouse has a container the requires destuffing most will put 2-3 laborers paid by the hour to do the job. By using hourly workers it makes it hard to figure out the actual costs associated with the job.

This is where Flat Rate comes in. By using flat rate warehouses get a set price to unload the container making budgeting much more accurate.

For things like general laborers, cleaners and machine operators using a temp agency is a great way to save on payroll costs.