Cardboard Box Symbols

Pictures and definitions of cardboard safety symbols

Do not clamp symbol

Do not clamp

Do not clamp boxes with clamp truck. Instead they should be hand unloaded

Do not Stack symbol

Do not Stack

Do not stack any boxes on top

no forklift box logo

Do not use Forklift

Do not use a forklift do unload these boxes

Do not use Trolly symbol

Do not use Trolly

Do not use a trolly to unload this type of box

Do not stack 3 High symbol

Do not stack 3 High

Do not stack more then one box on top of this type of box

Fragile symbol


The contents of this box are fragile

Handle with Care symbol

Handle with Care

Handle this type of box with care, it likely container fragile goods

Keep away from water symbol

Keep away from water

Do not allow this box to become wet

Keep away from sun symbol

Do not put box under sunlight

Do not allow this type of box to sit under sunlight for a long period of time

Store below listed temperature symbol

Store below listed temperature

Usually there will be a temperature indicating ideal storage temp

This side up

This side up

This indicated which side the box should be stacked

Recyclable product symbol

Recyclable product

This indicated recyclable items are inside the box.

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