Container Unloading

Our bread and butter, also known as Devanning, Container Destuffing, Container Unloading and container Unpacking.

We will send “Lumpers” with a minimum of 2 years experience, to your Warehouse: to Unload/DeStuff/Offload your Intermodal, inbound, cargo, freight , ISO, shipping, sea and/or ocean containers.

Our Lumper crews will sort, palatalize and shrink wrap your products in well-built block patterns, according to your specification.

All this at a Flat Rate , Taking all the guesswork out of how much it will cost, to unload your containers.

Why choose LumperHQ to unload your containers?

Warehouses face big issues with employee injury and morale. The hardest job in a warehouse is the unloading of boxes from containers on to pallets. Take the burden of container unloading off of your employees and in to the capable hands of our unloading crews. You might be thinking what are the fees, well here is Lumper HQ pricing esitmates.

How to order Lumper Services.

Begin by contacting Lumper HQ by email or phone. Please have the following information ready to give us:

  • The location (address) of the incoming container.
  • The amount of containers your are expecting and the time they are to arrive
  • The size of the containers by feet (20′, 40′, 45′, 53′)
  • The amount of pieces expected in the container
  • The amount of SKU’s or styles that need to be sorted
  • The approx weight per box
  • We also need to know if pallet wrapping and/or labeling is required

After we receive this information we will provide you a flat rate price for that container, and will arrange a lumper to arrive at your location and the agreed time.

Girl using pallet jack
Dump it on the floor, just make room says the warehouse manager
Palletized in warehouse
Our client needed a container unloaded and needed pallets built four boxes high and five boxes high.
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