What is Cross-Docking?

Cross-docking also known as “Transloading” is the method of bringing in and loading incoming freight directly onto outbound vehicles, with little or no storage between them. Cross-docking is typically used to combine shipments arriving in trucks or containers with the same or similar destinations from different sources.

Cross-docking maximizes the supply chain productivity of our customers by speeding up the delivery of products to their respective needs

Through using cross-docking services, a business can reduce the cost of inventory storage, reduce the risk to the product through limiting handling and increasing market speed.

warehouse cross docking

Benefits of Cross-Docking

  • Reduced shipping times and avoid long-term storage fees.
  • You can bring your products to your clients, or sell them even faster. This is extremely valuable for goods which are perishable or those which may be labelled as seasonal.
  • Reduce employee costs pertaining to unloading, processing, retrieving and reloading of your goods.
  • Increase Available Space in your warehouse

How we can help

Lumper HQ will arrange a team to do all your cross docking on site. Just email or give us a call. 

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