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Lumper HQ offers a wide range of services including container unloading, container loading, co packing, re packing, transloading and re palletizing. 


Our Lumper service includes sending crews with a minimum of 2 years experience, to your Warehouse: to HAND Unload/DeStuff your shipping freight containers.

We will sort, palatalize and shrink wrap your products in well-built block patterns. aka. Swamper Services

We will HAND unload your incoming freight the load directly onto outbound containers.

We can palatalize or directly trans-load your cargo into outbound containers according to your standards. 

We will HAND load out your outbound products. When we load your containers we ensure a quick and efficient load-out so your customers can easily and safely unload on their end. 

We can take your product out of the bulk packaging and pack them in to retail packaging. 

We can also do private labeling services


We will re work goods already on pallets that need to be put on other pallets.


General Staffing

Need help filling unskilled positions in the warehouse? We can help accommodate peak times and seasons, with reliable staff.

our Advantage


Flat Rate Pricing

Stop worrying about how much its going to cost, with our flat rate cost structure.

Experienced Crews

Stop wasting time managing employees. We only send experienced crews that require little to no supervision.

One Day Ordering

We require just a days notice for service requests. If you have a container needing unloading tomorrow, then just let us know today.

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