Are retail Giants the new small business

Retail giants like WalMart, Target, Costco, Home Depot, Rona, Shoppers Drug Mart, Weston Group and Canadian Tire employ millions of workers world wide. These companies are considered corporations that are destroying small businesses. Small business is alive and well in many industries such as construction and warehousing; but in retail the giants are in control. But how bad is it that these giants are buying up real-estate, creating construction jobs, creating retail jobs and bringing in tax dollars for cities the stores are located in? 

It is not as bad as it could be if Amazon and other e-retailers have their way. If retailers are left behind and products are shipped directly to the customer from warehouses, retail giants will be in trouble. Consider the information below, you will see the amount of people these retail giants are employing in Canada. If we loose these stores we will loos hundreds of thousands of jobs in Canada and millions worldwide. 

How many workers do retail giants employ in Canada?

Weston Group137,163
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.90,000
Empire Company Ltd.97,997
Costco Canada Inc.21,764
Metro Inc.65,000
Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.52,714
Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd73,199
Rona Inc.30,221
Safeway Inc.22,684
The Home Depot Inc.26,621
Best Buy Co.17,941
NRDC Equity Partners50,699
Sears Holdings Corp.47,412
The Katz Group Inc.12,834
Home Hardware Inc.31,518
Jean Coutu Group19,811
Jim Pattison Group17,024
Staples Inc.15,000
TJX Companies Inc.17,111
McKesson Corp.6,877