The Top Pallet Stretch Wrap Dispensers

After wrapping thousands of pallets one thing is clear, using a Stretch wrap dispenser is a no brainer. But which one to choose is not so easy, there are many options from pole length, weight and price.  

Pallet Wrap Dispenser​

Tach-It SR550 Wrap Dispenser

This stretch wrap dispenser can adjust to accommodate 16"-20" shrink wrap rolls. This is a inexpensive device costing about $40-$100. It is well built for heavy duty use and will last at least 2 years of everyday use. Accommodates a 3" core. Item weight 1.59 kilograms.

Uline pallet wrap dispenser

Uline Industrial Handwrapper

Costing around $100-$150 this pallet wrap dispenser from Uline is heavy duty and will last for years of everyday use. It is adjustable to accomadate rolls on 14'"-18". Accommodates a 3" core.
Unit Weight: 3.60 lbs.\1.64 kg

Manplow SWD3000-Elite Long Handle Stretch Wrap Dispenser, 60"

Manplow SWD3000

This Long Handle Stretch Wrap Dispenser, is great for high pallets and saves you from bending over to much. The Manplow sell for around $150-$220, and it weighs 2.40 pounds

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