Gifts for Warehouse Lovers

It is true! Some people love warehouses and want related gifts. Below we have compiled a list of great Christmas Gifts for people who love warehouses and warehouse related. 

To Scale Container Toy

If you know someone who loves shipping containers then this toy is a great Christmas gift for them. Cheaply priced can be found on Wish or Ebay, you can pick these up for a few bucks. These are great display pieces for desks, shelves or even to play with. 

To Scale Container Toy

Forklift Toy

Alloy Toy is offering a great to scale model of a forklift with a mini pallet a freight included. This a great toy for people that are interested in forklifts. This can be used a a display or for kids to play with. 

Forklift toy

Lego Warehouse Worker Toy

Playmobil has a fun little toy for kids 4 and up, check it out in the picture below. 

Lego Lumper Toy

Safety vest for kids

Hey stay safe out there, get your kids a safety vest. Let them play and be safe at the same time. 

Kids Safety Vest