Covid-19 Prevention Poster

Feel free to use this poster in your warehouses or other places of work. Also check out these links for Covid information.

WHO- Advice for public


Canadian Government

WSPS Workplace Safety & Prevention Services Guidance GUIDANCE FOR WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS

Items in warehouses that require cleaning after use

After every use the following items should be cleaned using disinfectant. 

  • Pallet Jack Handles (disinfect after use)
  • Bay door chains and buttons (disinfect after use)
  • Ramp handle and buttons (disinfect after use)
  • Wrap machine buttons (disinfect after use)
  • Avoid sharing Forklifts (disinfect after use)
  • Pens (should not be shared
  • Door Handles (open with tissue or sleeve)
  • Avoid sharing Reach Trucks, Counterbalance trucks, Turret Trucks, Order Pickers, Side Loaders, Walkie Stackers (disinfect after use)
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