Can BC Businesses bounce back from COVID-19?

BC Businesses have been hit hard by covid-19 some have had to close down, some are barely hanging on and a small section of the BC business community is seeing huge growth. What gives? What can businesses do to function in the pre-pandemic world and which Businesses are actually seeing growth? Lets discuss.

What do businesses need to do ?

Many business will adapt by implementing new measures such as:

  • Mandated social distancing
  • Limited capacity
  • Plexiglas Dividers
  • Employees wearing PPE (masks, gloves, etc.)
  • Adapt.
  • Use more contactless options such as delivery and curbside pickup.
  • Offer more online and web based options, for example Online Doctor Consultations. 

Some BC Businesses are seeing growth during the pandemic

While some businesses are shuttering others are growing, from pantry loading to buying more frugal some industries have seen massive growth during CODIV-19. Some of these business include:

  • Used car sales are up
  • Pantry food items sales are through the roof
  • Plexiglass makers
  • PPE Makers

BC Government Assistance for Businesses

The BC Government and Federal Government have developed many programs to assist small businesses during this pandemic, by helping businesses with expenses related to Wages, rent and other expenses. Below is a list and links to Business Assistance programs for businesses in BC.  


B.C. 2.0.: How 10 different industries are planning to bounce back from COVID-19 (

COVID-19 Support for Business (

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