Cost of storing products in warehouses

Typically the cost of storing your products in a warehouse is calculated by the pallet (48″x40″) or by the square footage. The costs of warehouse storage will be determined by:

  • Warehouse location: Warehouses closer to city centers and major population hubs will typically cost higher then warehouses in rural areas.
  • Security: Locked yard gates, security guards and cameras will all increase rates for warehouse storage.
  • Volume: The more pallets you need storing the lower the price will be. Warehouses may offer discounts for certain numbers of pallets you decide to store with them. 
Number of PalletsCost (CAD)
1-5$25.00/ month
6-10$22.00/ month
10-25$20.00/ month
26-50$18.00/ month
50+$16.00/ month

*costs are approximates for BC, Canada

Extra costs associated with warehouse storage

There will be costs beyond just the storage of products on pallets in a warehouse, these costs are sometimes referred to as value added services which may include: