The impact of Covid-19 on Logistics in 2021

The logistics supply chain which include Warehouses, Ports, Distribution centers, trucking companies and rail companies are all going to be impacted by Covid-19. More then ever will these industries play a huge role in getting the post covid economy going and growing. 

Brick and mortar businesses might be a thing of the past after the post covid pandemic (endemic), this will put more pressure on last mile delivery and fast shipping preferably 1-day. For businesses to succeed post covid, they will need to adapt and use the supply chain to sell their products. This will put a lot of pressure on the supply chain , which will require a lot of adaption and growth. 

Some things that the supply chain will need to do include:

  • increasing warehouse square footage
  • adopting technology for last mile delivery 
  • increase supply of containers/reefers/sea cans
  • touchless service
  • increasing port sizes
  • maintaining railways
  • hiring more truckers
  • working closely with third party logistic providers for inbound and outbound logistics