What is an Intermodal Container?

An intermodal container also knows as a shipping container, is usually a 20, 40 or 45 foot long and can hole volumes of 1,172 cubic feet (33.2 m3) to 63.48 cubic meters. They can be used on trucks, ships and rail carts. 

What is Intermodal Container unloading?

Unloading intermodal containers of items that weigh under 100 pounds each are usually best done by Lumpers, preferably from LumperHQ.

Sometimes items are big and heavy and require the use of forklift or clamp trucks to remove the product from the intermodal container. 

How long does it take to unload an Intermodal Container?

Times can vary when it come to unloading an intermodal container. Depending on how many pieces, sku, weight and container size the time can vary from 20 minutes to multiple days if sorting, palletizing and wrapping are required. 

Where can I buy Intermodal Containers?

Intermodal containers can be rented or purchased from retailers accross the world. A quick Google search of “Shipping Containers for Sale/Rent” will result in many options. 

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