Uber Freight

Sennder a European digital  freight forwarder. In June 2020 it merged with French competitor Everoad and acquired Uber Freight’s European business last September. The European logistics and freight sector has a market size of $427bn.

Uber Freight helps both shippers and carriers get their products at their destination as fast and seamless as possible. This is done by connecting  carriers and shippers together in a single App. One of the major benefits of Uber Freight is the ability to streamline the paperwork required by both the shipper and carrier within the Uber Freight App.

For more information on Uber Freight visit Uber Freights main website here

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Below is a video of a customer of Uber Freight

Uber Freight Plans to improve :

Delayed Payment– Carriers often wait almost an entire month to be paid out for the load they hauled, UBER pays out within 7 business days. Uber pays on TUES/THURS for loads. Automatic direct deposit into the brokers account. Often times carriers need the cash flow for business expenses and cannot wait up to a month for payment so they use factoring companies for immediate payout, factoring company’s will often take a 2-5% cut of the total pay for the trucker.

Lack of Modern Technologies- 15+ year old software is being used, the industry has not been touched by technology in years. 67% of carriers don’t use any software at all and rely on strictly paper logging

Lack of Load Density- This creates massive inefficiency with deadheading and backhauling, 25% of miles are driven by empty trucks

Low Efficiency in Brokerages- Ave broker books 3-4 loads per day, with the averageg load taking 4 hours to finalize, this wastes massive amount of time waiting for quotes and booking trucks

Safety- Max average per week is 70/hours on for a truck driver and 34 hours off. ELD mandate will further enforce this. Its important that carriers make the best of their 70/hours on.

Fuel- Fuel is 20% of the cost of shipping, inefficient routing wastes fuel

Lack of Transparency and Honesty

Benifit for the Carrier

Carriers will receive far fewer calls from brokers

Fast payments without any additional fees–next week pay

Upload POD via phone instead of faxing

GPS enabled, this helps provide valuable metrics

Significantly reduce deadhead for carriers

App is only Carrier facing, customer facing application is in progress

Lumpers and Uber Freight

Lumper fees can also be added to the Uber Freight app, to find out how to add lumper fees check out this link 

Our Thoughts on Uber Freight

We at Lumper HQ believe Uber Freight is a great tool for small to medium sized Warehouse companies (3PL’s included) and for trucking companies. It will allow for more transparent pricing, easier service request ordering and faster more efficient payment processing.

Currently their isn’t much competition for Uber Freight some of the current competition include:

More competition would be needed to keep pricing fair and innovation going, so companies like Lyft, Postmates and Skip need to enter this market space.