What is a Conex Box?

Conex boxes are also know as Sea cans, Shipping containers and International Standards Organization (ISO) containers. They are a steel structures coming in lengths of 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, to transport goods on Ships, trains and semi trucks. 

Where are Conex Boxes used?

Conex boxes are used around the globe to transport all types of goods from Food to Clothes. We share the roads with conex boxes when they are being pulled on a tractor trailer and we see them on the oceans in huge ocean tankers. Conex boxes deliver all our goods and have made international shipping more standardized and efficient. 

The History of the Conex Box

The CONEX box was created during the Korean War by the US army and was used to transport and store supplies during the Korean and Vietnam war in around 1950. They have been modified for todays uses of internal goods shipping. 

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Shipping containers are a shipping yard (British Columbia Canada)
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