Flat Rate Container

We do Flat Rate Container unloading, loading and transloading

We can help your warehouse by taking the burden of container unloading, loading, repalletizing, co-packing and re-packing; off of you, and in to the capable hands of our lumper crews (warehouse staff). By using our Lumper services you can take out all the guess work when trying to calculate your cost to destuff a container. 

Call Us

BC: 604-757-7804

AB: 587-210-2213

ON: 289-800-2379

We will send you experienced crews to destuff your containers

We will repalletise or downstack your items from one pallet to another

We can label, add/remove items, or do any other specifications you may have

We will move freight directly into outbound containers.

We will re-pack your goods in to different boxes or packaging.

We will load your freight in to containers by hand

Are you tired of spending too much TIME and MONEY managing hourly temp workers?

Here at Lumper HQ  we specialize in hand unloading and loading containers, for a Flat Rate. So let our Lumper crews take care of the unloading (swamping) to increase your warehouses Efficiency and Performance; while also saving you Time and Money.

Why choose us?

Experienced Crews​

Each of our crew members have on average 2+ years of experience, devanning and loading containers, and require no supervision.

Flat Rate Pricing​

Easier cost control and planning for you! Lower your staffing and vendor costs related to loading, unloading and product sorting.

Less Headaches​

Our crews require little to no supervision and are always show up for their shifts; so no worries about no shows.

Benefits associated with our services:

  • Reduce the fatigue of your drivers
  • Reduce the injury risk to your drivers
  • Lower overall cost compared to potential driver injury
  • Save time
  • Improve your relationship with your receivers
  • Reduce carrier waiting times and late fees
  • Faster unloading and loading
  • Increase your ability to fulfill your needs at peak times and seasons
  • Reduce your own employee injury and have less down time
  • Decreased workers’ compensation costs
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Decrease operation costs
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