Robots to Unload Containers, Say What!

Companies are try to automate more of there procedures every day, and container unloading is no different. Below we look at two new Technologies that were developed Honeywell and Copal and are now ready for warehouses across the world. The Global Supply chain will never be the same again! or will it?

Honeywell Robotic Unloader

Honeywell has developed a Robotic Unloader used to unloader containers. According to Honeywell “In real-world applications, we are unloading a rate of up to 1,500 cases per hour and helping companies maximize throughput safely and efficiently,” but it does not state the weight of the boxes or the size of the boxes. Humans can easily move more then 1500 boxes per hour depending on weight and size of the boxes. 

Copal Handling Systems

According to Copal “Copal offers a highly sought-after automation solution for unloading sea containers with loose loaded goods”. Below is a video of their robot in action. As you can see this is a giant contraption that takes up a lot of valuable floor space. The costs associated with purchasing, maintaining and operating this device you run in to the hundreds of thousands. A system such as this may be suitable in some situations but most warehouses would not benefit from a device like this. 

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