Methods used for Container Unloading

When I say “Container Unloading” it could mean either unloading a container off a ship or unloading the contents of a container. Here I will be talking about unloading the contents of a container.

There are a few methods available to unload a container of its contents, the type of cargo will determine the method used. 

Unloading Palletized Cargo

When cargo comes already palletized then it is best to use either a fork-lift, clamp-truck or a pallet-jack. For large items such as fridges and furniture it the box allows the clamp truck is a great option. For items such as boxes or good a manual pallet jack or forklift are great options. 

Unloading un-Palletized Goods

In this case when items arrive with no pallets it is best to use a lumper service such as the one offered by LumperHQ. As the best way to unload this type of load is using manual hand bombing. 

Items palletized

Container Unloading from a Container Ship

Container unloading can also refer to removing shipping containers from a container ship . Here is a video showing containers being unloaded from a container ship at a port. Also check out more information about Unloading Shipping Containers In 2020

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