Costs associated with warehouses and fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment costs will include things such as building lease, workers wages, cost of equipment such as forklift and pallet jacks. Below are figures taken from Shopify.


Fulfillment cost type

Fulfillment pricing fee per unit

Set up fee

$150 dollars per month and up from there. 

Inbound shipping fee

Varies by location

Receiving fee

$195-$300 per container plus $20 per 10 SKU and $15 per 1000 pieces. 

Storage fee

$14.58 per pallet /day

Fulfillment fee

$2.50 per order 

Box fee

$.45 per box

Order inserts

$.17 per insert OR $.05 per label

Outbound shipping fee

Varies by city

Returns fee

$3.55 per order PLUS $.50 per additional item

Kitting fee

$35.75 per hour or custom quoted rated per order/item based on time study

Account management fee

minimum $130 per month 

Source Shopify