Does your Warehouse Unload Containers?

Warehouses that unload (destuff) containers will spend lots of man hours doing so. Another issue warehouses face when unloading containers is employee injury, due to the physicality of the work. The cost to unload a container using hourly employees can vary, for example a container may take 2 employees 4 hours one day but the next day the same employees may take 5 hours. This is where a Lumper service is a much better choice when it comes to this task. A lumper service such as Lumper HQ will charge a flat rate to unload the container no matter how long or how many employees it takes. So if you paid $250 to unload a container yesterday you will still pay $250 to unload a container today.

Does your Warehouse Load Containers?

The same can be said for warehouses that require loading containers with products. A lumper service will charge you a flat rate to load the container whereas hourly employees will make your loading prices vary considerably. 

Does your Warehouse do Transloads?

Transloading also known as crossdocking is the process of unloading contents from an inbound container and directly loading them in to a outbound container. Using a lumper service will allow you to pay a flat rate for your cross docking. 


Simply put outsourcing some of your warehouse activities will increase profitability by reducing payroll costs. Secondly by outsourcing the labor intensive work to a lumper service you will reduce the amount of employee down time you typically have. Most injuries in warehouses are caused by lifting, and most the lifting is done during the unloading, loading and transloading process.

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