A Customer Success Story by Using Lumper Services

This is a story from one of our customers, for privacy reasons lets just call this customer Warehouse A.

Warehouse A is a cold storage warehouse that stores meat products from over seas. Warehouse A was typically received 5-10 containers per week that required offloading, with their current 10 employees they were able to take care of the offloading themselves. Typically it would take 3 of Warehouse A’s workers 4 hours to offload a single container.

Recently Warehouse A secured a new client and were forced to increase their inbound containers from 5-10 per week to 30 per week. This required Warehouse A to hire an additional 10 workers. Warehouse A struggling for a few months and went through 20 different employees and only hired 1 full time as the other 19 candidates were unable to do the work load. 

Fortunately one day Warehouse A was searching for another option and they stumbled upon LumperHQ.

“Lumper HQ offers Flat Rate container unloading services”

Warehouse A contacted Lumper HQ and told them about their situation. Lumper HQ was glad to help and sent a crew the following day. 

Now Warehouse A does not need to hire new employees, instead every time they get a container they just call Lumper HQ. 


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