Lumper Fees. What are they? and Why they are needed?

A lumper  fee is a charge to the warehouse or carrier when a shipper or reciever use a third-party worker to help load or unload the contents of a shipping container. Lumpers are often used in 3PL’s (third party logistics providers). Lumpers are needed so that the regular warehouse staff and the truck driver are not stuck with the burden of unloading containers.

Lumper unloading can outdoors
A Lumper at work, unloading boxes on to chep pallets
Lumpers unloading a can
Two lumpers unloading MDF baseboards

Why use lumpers?

Warehouses outsource this type of work to lumpers as a way to save time and money. Lumpers are specialized in one thing and they do it vary well. Typically a lumper will be twice as fast as a normal warehouse worker to unload a container.

LumperHQ vs Temp Agency
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