What are Pallets?

A pallet is a flat usually wood but sometimes plastic transportation piece of equipment, which can support items while they are being lifted by a forklift, clamp truck, pallet jack, and during shipping in intermodal containers.

Pallets come in various sizes including but not limited to:

  • 48″x40″
  • 48″x48″
  • 30″x30″
The cost of Pallets can vary from $5 for used ones and $20 for new ones

How to Palletize Goods?

To palletize goods you must first put the goods on the pallet, usually in a pre determined pattern supplied by the shipping or receiving company. 

To secure the load on the pallet, plastic wrap is used to wrap the entire pallet from top to bottom making sure to include wrap is around the pallet as well to stabilize the load for shipping and transport. 


What are Palletized goods then?

Once the goods are loaded on to pallets and secured they are considered Palletized goods. 

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