How to properly lift

Proper lifting is important while working as a warehouse worker, especially for lumpers who are unloading and loading boxes from containers. Proper lifting begins with technique, bending your knees, keeping you back straight and keeping the boxes close to your body. Avoid twisting or turning while carrying boxes. 

Take these steps when lifting:

  • Keep a wide base when beginning to lift
  • Squat down 
  • Pull the box close in to your body
  • Straighten your back
  • Stand up with a firm grip on the box
Proper lifting clipart

Team Lifting

When dealing with large boxes you may need to team lift. Look for the Team Lift logo on the box, this will indicate if the box requires a team lift or not. 


When team lifting make sure to communicate with your partner, and lift at the same time. You can do this by counting to 3, make sure you both know to lift on three or after 3. Use the same rules that apply to lifting a box by bending down, getting the box close to your body and keeping your back straight. 

Team lift
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