What is Flat Rate Pricing?

Flat rate pricing is the future, this is why companies like Uber are exploding with success. Flat rate pricing has completley changed many industries such as taxi’s, rentals and staffing. 

Why Use Flat Rate Pricing?

The advantage flat rate pricing has over its counterpart is that it makes it easier to budget. Estimates are usually never accurate, this is why flat rate pricing is better. Knowing exactly how much it will cost to do a project makes budgeting much easier. 

What is Flat Rate Container Destuffing Service, and why use it?

Most warehouses use hourly workers to unloading/ destuff their containers. Since its hourly the cost associated with each container will vary. By using a flat rate destuffing service, warehouses are able to know exactly how much it will cost to unload their containers. By using services provided by companies like LumperHQ, warehouses are increasing their profitability by reducing employee and operational costs. 

Palletized in warehouse
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