Equipment used for Container Unloading

In this post when I mention “Container Unloading” I am referring to unloading the cargo from a freight container manually by hand.

There are a few pieces of equipment and items that a lumper uses when unloading a container, by no means are these the only things. Other then normal PPE like a safety vest, steel toe boots and gloves, there a few more things a lumper needs to do the job right. Below are three things I personally need to have to unload a container. 


Wood Pallet

A pallet is a horizontal platform normally composed of a hard word such as pine or oak. A pallet provides a foundation for the secure assembly, storage and transportation cargo.


Pallet Wrap Dispenser​

A Pallet Wrap Dispenser is used to wrap pallets with stretch wrap, this device is a back saver for lumpers. It is simple to use a universal with most pallet wrap rolls.

Check out the top 3 Dispensers here

Pallet Jack​


Also referred to as pump trucks, pallet tucks and come in both manual and electric power. It is used by lumpers to lift pallets and move them with little effort.

You Can Buy Pallets from Uline, just Google them.

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