Everything Lumper- (Definitions)​

What is a lumper- a lumper is a person employed to destuff/unload contents from containers. Sometimes referred to as swampers. For more information on lumpers and lumper (swamper) fees.

Lumper Trucking– may refer to when a truck driver himself or with the help of his coworker unload the content of their own container at the receiver’s location. Check out the latest Lumping prices offered here by Lumper HQ.

What is a lumper fee– a lumper fee is the cost associated with hiring third party companies such as LumperHQ to unload your containers. 

Definition of lumper– a lumper offloads materials from shipping containers usually by hand and the assistance of a pallet jack. 

How to pay lumper fees– Lumper fees can be paid directly to the third party lumping company. Lumping fees should not be paid in cash.

Lumper service– warehouses utilize lumper services to offload their containers, and by using LumperHQ companies are able to do it at a flat rate. 

Warehouse lumper– is someone that is working within a warehouse offloading goods from incoming containers. 

What is a lumper charge– a lumper charge is the cost for the labor used to unload a container of its contents. 

Lumper service near me– Lumper services near you may include LumperHq who service Canada and soon USA. 

Lumper job description– a typical job description for a lumper would include: ability to lift up to 50lbs consistently, be able to work with a partner, be able to work quickly and safely. 

Lumpers needed– Lumpers are always needed, that is why LumperHQ is here to help.

Warehouse lumping solutions– LumperHQ offer warehouse lumping solutions, visit our Services selection to discover the range of services we offer.

What is a lumper position– a lumper position is a specialized position, not suitable for most people. A person that is a lumper needs to be strong, have endurance, be mentally strong, and be able think on the fly. 

Professional lumper service– LumperHQ offers professional lumper services for British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario

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