What is a Fulfillment Center?

A Fulfillment Centers similar to warehouses are large facilities meant to hold all kinds of products. Where the Fulfillment Center differs is the type of operations that are being done in the facility. Fulfillment Centers take in bound container and store product for short periods of time usually under a month. A Fulfillment Center fulfills customer orders for ecommerce retailers such as Amazon. 

What is a Warehouse?

A warehouse also takes in inbound containers and may store the product inside them for long periods of time typically for over a month. Warehouses may also cross dock or transload product from one container to another(s). Typically warehouses will store product for brick and mortar retail stores. 

What's the Different between a Fulfillment Center and a Warehouse?


  • Long Term Storage
  • Storage for Brick and Mortar retailers
  • Receiving Containers with Product
  • Transloading/ Crossdocking

Fulfillment Center:

  • Short Term Storage
  • Storage for E-Commerce stores
  • Receiving Containers with Product 
  • Creating pick and pack lists
  • Picking products 
  • Co-Packing and Re-Packing items 
  • Packing boxes 
  • Labeling shipments 
  • Shipping orders 
  • Managing online returns
Warehouse vs Fulfillment Center Image
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