What is a Lumper?

Lumpers also knows as “Unloaders and Splitters” are laborers in the logistics supply chain that unload the cargo contained inside ISO Containers. Depending on the load, lumpers may unload contents from container by using their hands and putting the product on to  pallets, then the pallets are wheeled out using a pallet jack. Sometimes items are too heavy or large and require the use of fork lifts and clamp truck to remove the items from the container. 

Lumpers along side unloading containers also load containers using the same methods used to unload.  

Lumper unloading can outdoors

Where did the term Lumper come from?

Some sources site that Term Lumper was given to dock hands who unloaded barrels off shipping boats and developed lumps on their backs.

While other sources say Lumper was a term developed to describe the loads of timber that were loaded by laborer’s in the timber industry. 

Today the Term lumper is used to the laborers used to unload the contents on tractor trailers. 

Lumper being loaded 1930

Who uses Lumpers today?

Lumpers are used by Shippers, Receivers and Carriers; to unload and load cargo from and to shipping containers. Warehouses in particular find using Lumpers services especially Flat Rate ones like the ones offers by Lumper HQ, are reducing costs and increasing profits. Normally warehouses use hourly workers to unload a container which can take an unknown amount of time and in turn an unknown cost. By using a Flat rate lumper service, warehouses know exactly how much it will cost for them to unload a container. 

Lumpers unloading a can
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