Devanning what is it?

Devanning is the process of removing freight from a shipping container. Devanning is also commonly referred to as Container Unloading, Container Destuffing, Container Stripping, Deconsolidation and Container Emptying.

Devanning is normally done at warehouses where full container and less than container loads are unloaded and loaded.

Devanning is best done by hand when possible to reduce damage to products.

Should you use devanning services for your business? 

Many companies are realizing the benefits of outsourcing their devanning needs to a lumper service to save time and money. To find out more read this article about Lumper Fees and the benefits of using lumper services

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Devanning is sometimes misspelled davanning, davaning, devaning, devvaning and so on. 

Lumper unloading can outdoors
a Lumper Devanning a Container by hand