Swamping can mean many things

A beautiful part of the English language are Homonyms; it is the ability to use the same words to mean completely different things. An example of a homonym is “I Left my keys on the Left side of my couch” in this example the word Left is used to mean two different things.

The word Swamping is also sort of a homonym below are examples of where the word swamping can be used. 

  • In irrigation the word swamping is referred to the sudden flood of water in to an area. (ex. “a giant wave swamped the beach goers”)
  • the word Swamped can be used to refer to being overwhelmed. (ex. “she was swamped from all the studying”)
  • in logistics Swamping refers to the act of unloading the contents of shipping containers.

What is a Swamper?

Swamper is a person who unloads or swamps a container by unloading its contents.